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The Dukes of Wellington:

  • Kris "The Govn'r" Kertgen
    Guitar, vocals, Chief Instigator

  • Dave "Steve Davidson" Stevenson
    Bass, vocals, Voice-of-Reason

  • Kelly "Boom-Boom" McCarthy
    Drums, Back-up Vocals, Hubba-Hubba !!

  • Mark "Jerry Lee" Jarasek
    Keyboards, guitars, vocals
History of the Band:
Kris, Steve, started playing together as the hard drivin' backbone of The Imports with others back in 1997. After several years and many successful gigs, The Imports called it quits and decided to pursue other interests.

In 2002 Kris approached Steve and another member of the Imports with the mad idea of forming a band that would play some of the Import's old numbers plus a bunch of new tunes with a focus on fast and loud Garage and Beat Rock and Roll from the 60's. After about a year of tearing it up, the boys enlisted the charming Elaine Benson to add percussion, back-up vocals, and a little boom-chick-a-boom-boom-boom !! Elaine has since moved on, choosing to trade her maraca for a baby rattle.

Her departure left the three remaining Dukes alone to continue to wage war against dull, done-to-death "Classic" Rock, Rap, and all the other CRAP you hear on the radio. A war that continues to this day! In fact, one might say that the Dukes are on a mission to bring back real Rock and Roll: short, fast, kickin' songs with actual melodies! Towards this end the Dukes of Wellington have reinforced their ranks with the new drummer Kelly McCarthy and multi-instrumentalist Mark Jarasek.

The Dukes of Wellington are now poised to make their next move.
Their objective is two-fold:

  1. Today your Love !
  2. Tomorrow the World !!